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SELL MY HOUSE - Firstly, Selling Real Estate privately in Australia is legal, incredibly easy, & it can save you potentially tens of thousands of dollars in Real Estate Agents commission & expensive advertising costs.

Once you have Sold your House Privately, you'll never go back...



The keys to success in Selling My House: The reasons why you should be selling your own Home:

  1. You deal direct with the property buyers. There's no Real Estate Agent or middleman.

  2. Buyers generally prefer to deal directly with the home owner.

  3. Sell your House quickly without working to the agent’s schedule.

  4. You'll save thousands in expensive advertising costs and commission (average saving is $17,000).

  5. You pay no Real Estate commission – ever.

  6. The owner stays in control, and don’t sign any lock in contracts.

  7. You make all the decisions – you're not restricted to what the Real Estate agent demands.

  8. You can hold your own Open Homes & viewings whenever you like, even 3, 4 or 5 hours at a time

Here's the Average cost of using Real Estate Agents to Sell a $500,000 Property - $16,500 commission + $3,000 Marketing *
TOTAL COST: $19,500
Here's the Average cost of using My Private Real Estate (now known as - $595.00
TOTAL COST: $595.00
You can save
On the cost of Selling your Home


6 steps for How to Sell My House:


Step 1: Set an asking price


Firstly, the main thing you want to begin with here is to do your research; go to the 'SOLD' section of & see what similar properties are selling for in your area. This is what Real Estate agents do when they are determining an appropriate list price for your home.

Click on the link to visit the SOLD section of by clicking this link & inserting your property suburb.



Step 2: Tidy-up the property

If you do decide to paint, only use neutral colour schemes, that light-coloured shade of green and purple that you love soo much, probably isn't going to appeal to the general population. Here's a helpful link to the Dulux website where you'll find nice, neutral colour schemes to help you pick out a nice theme sell your home.




Step 3: Advertise your Home

Almost all buyers today are ONLINE. So its absolutely crucial to have your property listed on websites like or This is where basically Most Australian Real Estate agents get their buyers from.

Our 'For Sale By Home Owner' service also offers a number of other advertising options such as Photo signs, Open Home signs, Open Home flags & Facebook marketing.



Step 4: Book inspections

Whenever a buyer calls or emails you, simply arrange a day and a time for them to view the home. Most buyers will appreciate you letting them look around the house on their own, don't walk them through the property showing them every built-in cupboard and corner.

A lot of buyers feel uncomfortable with the owner or agent standing over their shoulder.



Step 5: Negotiate your price

Know how much you are willing to accept beforehand, and focus on not going too much below that amount.

Dont feel bad about rejecting an offer, as this is part of Real estate and its very common. Just be sure to do so politely.


Step 6: Negotiating is done, accept an offer.

This is usually done verbally, the buyers will then usually arrange to meet up to sign a contract. Most of our 'Sale By Home Owner' customers get the buyer to fill out or letter of offer form which can downloaded Free from our website.





When is the best time to Sell My House?

There really isn't a right or wrong answer to this, generally a good rule of thumb is, try to aim for school holidays, or the beginning or end of year. More and more people are preferring to deal directly with the home owner.


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You can create your For Sale, or For Rent listing below. For additional information or to learn more about Real Estate For Sale By Owner - Contact our 'Sale By Home Owner' customer support team via email here or phone 1300 609 392.



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