Yes you can, simply contact our Customer service Team via phone – 1300 609 392, or E-mail us at admin@myprivaterealestate.com.au

You can pay for these by Direct bank transfer (details at the bottom of our Home Page), Via Paypal, or by Credit Card via E-mail or over the phone.

Contact one of our Team on 1300 609 392 to discuss any upgrades or additional extras

The MyPrivateRealestate General Listing Form is automatically emailed to you once you purchase a Package. The documents simply give us permission to advertise the property on your behalf. You must complete the documents and return them with a copy of the vendors ID and a council rates notice.

Once we have these documents and your online listing is complete the MyPrivateRealestate staff will confirm you comply and promptly get your listing advertise onto all affiliated third party websites.

Your Property will be advertised on:

– realestate.com.au
– MyPrivateRealestate.com.au
– HomeSales.com.au
– homely.com.au
– Juwai.com
– HomeHound.com.au
– Rent.com.au
– TheHomePage.com.au
– MillionPlus.com.au
– OnTheHouse.com.au
– Realestate1.net.au
– Plus other Real Estate Websites**

Note: Listing portals subject to change*

The Photo signs are made up & are sent out via courier for self installation generally with 3 to 5 business days.

We use Google maps technology. Your property will only show up if it is available on maps.google.au. You must show the full property address as it states on your council rates notices.

Your property is advertised on MyPrivateRealestate.com.au until it is sold. That is our guarantee.

Active listing means your property will be visible to everyone right away. A Draft Listing stores your listing in the system where no one can see it while you are finalising your preparations to sell your property. Once the final touches have been made to your property you can then change your draft into an active listing.

in your Backend login, click ‘MEDIA’ – Click browse, navigate to where your photos are on your computer, click open, then click ‘upload photos’.

The first photo that you upload to your listing will be used as the primary photo.

The best way to determine the value of your Home, is to have a look at all of the recent SOLD Properties in your Town or Suburb. You can do this on realestate.com.au by searching in the SOLD category.

The price you choose for your Home should reflect the current Market & value of similar Homes that have been selling in your area.

To search for Sold Suburbs in your area, click the link below & type in your Suburb:

Find ‘SOLD’ Properties – https://www.realestate.com.au/sold

You can still list your property with us even if it is listed with an Agency (Open Listed) – We do not charge any commission on the Sale of your home, however its always best to let the Agent know that you’re also advertising the Home yourself

Your Home will be listed until Sold. If you’re having trouble getting enquiries, try editing your ad and changing it up a bit. For example, changing around the Main Photo, or even potentially taking all NEW Photo’s & starting Fresh!

Adjusting the price is a great way in attracting New Buyers, as a lot of people tend to watch the homes for sale online, and slightly changing the price might just be enough to tempt them into making an enquiry on your home

A Great deal of our Home Owners at MyPrivateRealestate.com.au get more money for their Home than a typical real estate agent. You should also remember that no one knows your property better than you. So you are the best person to sell it. If you don’t feel confident, we can help. Just call us on 1300 609 392 and we’ll step you through the process.

The best thing to do when writing advertising Text for a property is to visit realestate.com.au & read some advertising text from some of the Top Agent’s in your area! – This will give you a great idea on how to layout & word your properties features

Here’s a great link below to help get you started..


No matter what the question simply call us on 1300 609 392. Our customer care team can help with any of your queries. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to call.

If our Team is tending to another call, simply leave your contact details with our call centre staff, and one of our Customer Care Team will contact you as soon as possible.

Easy! – Once you’ve found a buyer & you both agree on a price, Simply contact any local solicitor and ask them to draw up a Contract of Sale. Once the Contract has been signed, you can then hand it back to your solicitor and ask them to process the contract!

Yes you can. Simply click the “submit” button at the bottom of any of the details page and you will save your listing as a draft. When you come back you can just start from where you left off.

No, the process is the same for selling whether you live in a big city or small country town.

Absolutey, It is 100% legal, it’s even safer than selling through an agent.

Yes we can.

One of our professional copywriters will do all the work for you for only $99, and make your property appealing to potential purchasers!

After viewing your photos and discussing with you what you love about your property, you will be provided drafts for the online advertisement.

To arrange this, contact 1300 609 392 to discuss, or email admin@myprivaterealestate.com.au

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